Commons Booking Software Updates

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Aktuelle Beta: Keine neuere Beta.

Aktuelle stabile Version: – (Wordpress Plugin Verzeichnis )

  • Removed language files & functions.

  • FIX Issue #120: Bookings can be deleted, correct Ids are printed in the bookings table.
  • FIX Translation strings for the booking table.
  • FIX: Removed button borders in css
  • FIX: Logout-Button has button styling now.
  • ENHANCEMENT Bookings table filter dropdown: Now sorted alphabetically.
  • FEATURE: Added optional row of weekdays.

  • FIX: Booking comments now displayed regardless of DB Prefix.

    Sorry, not fixed yet. Will update soon.

– Released on

  • FIX: Booking comments now displayed regardless of DB Prefix (again, this should do it).
  • FIX: CSS Styling of rows with only one item.
  • FIX: Removed PHP shorthand tag causing errors on some servers.

– Released on

  • FIX: Removed /languages/ Folder. Translations should now be installed correctly.


  • FEATURE: Category Wordpress Widget – List all item categories
  • FEATURE: User Wordpress Widget – User funtions (Login/Logout, Registration, “My Bookings”)
  • FEATURE: New Setting: Themes (now included: “standard” & kasimir")
  • FEATURE: New Setting: Show Day Name Row (Mon, Tue, Wed…) above the calendar
  • FEATURE: New Setting: Closed days count. Now you can set how the system counts any number of closed days (0 or 1). See Issue #116
  • FIX Issue #120: Bulk delete in Bookings table
  • FIX: The first overbookable day was not correctly marked in calendar selection.
  • FIX Issue #134: Extra user fields are now visible in backend


  • FIX: Issue #131: Booking comments are now restricted to max 140 characters.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Compatibility with Theme my Login & Kasimir Wordpress-Theme
  • FIX: No more Javscript errors if no timeframe configured. Bookingbar is hidden.
  • ENHANCEMENT: User Widget formatting

  • Updated profile cleanup styles for standard WordPress & “Theme My Login”
  • Updated settings intro text to be translateable
  • Consolidated the two setting options under “Advanced” into “Customize Login and Registration pages”, since one doesn´t make sense without the other.


  • FEATURE: Set sender name and email address for booking confirmation emails.

  • FIX: Javascript validation no longer failing if week day row is activated

Kurze Durchsage: Da gerade eine neue Wordpress-Version (4.6) erschienen ist, teste ich das noch mal in Ruhe bevor ich die neue Version frei gebe. Nächste Woche voraussichtlich.

  • Fixed: Missing Location info is shown again.

Release: Commons Booking

Bitte lesen: Release: Commons Booking, Probleme im Wordpress-Plugin-Verzeichnis & Github-Umzug - Dein Lastenrad

  • FIXED: Re-added screenshots & updated WP plugin directory description.
  • FIXED: Yoast SEO campatibility
  • FIXED: Jetpack Compatibility #146
  • FIXED: a typo in email registration settings

Release: Commons Booking

  • FIXED: Closed days are now correctly rendered on the calendar, and non-bookable.